The Real Killer

The Real Killer

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Release Date: Dec 8, 2022

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Heart breaking
So many wrongfully accused/innocent people in prison. I sat through a trial of my doctor. The whole thing was like being in the twilight zone. I know he’s innocent. But I’m prison. Such a broken system we have.
Interesting and well done.
Yet another wrongful conviction. So sick of our horrible criminal justice system. This podcast gives a real look into how one wrongful conviction happened and how hard it is to undo. The interviews were insightful and the narrator did an excellent job. This podcast is definitely worth your time.
AZ Laura
Great Reporting
This story was so interesting standing alone but I really enjoyed the in depth detail it took in how corrupted our systems are that are in place. I grew up in MIssouri and it was sad to hear this but it will educate so many people and that’s the only way to make a change.
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