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From top rated documentary podcasts to audio dramas, AYR Media finds captivating stories that adapt to television, streaming and film.
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As a top producer and development executive in unscripted television for over 20 years, Aliza Rosen has worked in every genre of the industry and continues to expand her portfolio into the scripted arena.
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Bringing to the screen remarkable true stories, AYR has produced indelible storytelling through film since Aliza Rosen's directorial debut in 2019.
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AYR Media is a full-service production company focused on premium unscripted and documentary content, encompassing podcasts, television and film.

Crimson Hearts Collide

Featured Podcast

Crimson Hearts Collide

As one of the top lawyers in New York City, Sonora Williams (Malinda Williams) is as driven as they come. One day she receives a letter in the mail that changes everything – Sonora has an uncle who just passed away and left her an inheritance, a farm in Alabama. For her entire life growing up in foster care, she was told she had no family leaving her to wonder, if he knew about her, why did he not come for her? In order to get the answers she seeks, Sonora must travel to Alabama and meet the people who keep the farm running – including the handsome cowboy Zeke Summers (Keith D. Robinson) who immediately captures her attention.
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Featured Film

Latter Day Jew

The award-winning documentary follows H. Alan Scott, a gay former mormon/converted jew/cancer survivor/writer-comedian, as he finds his spiritual path and prepares for his bar mitzvah.
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