Queen of the Con: The Unreal Housewife

Queen of the Con

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Release Date: Jul 20, 2023

Past Seasons

Queen of the Con: The Irish Heiress

After four years, you think you know someone. But what if you woke up one day to discover that your best friend is an international con artist – and that she’s scammed you out of your life savings? That’s what happened to Johnathan Walton, and he’s been out to set the record straight and protect future victims of his one-time best friend, Marianne Smyth.

Queen of the Con: The OC Savior

Lizzie Mulder appears to be a wealthy Orange County CPA, swooping in like an angel to help small business owners manage their companies. After this clever con artist’s scams push her clients to the brink, Lizzie ends up in the crosshairs of an enterprising Laguna Beach detective and the FBI. But even that heat can’t prevent Lizzie from pulling her most brazen con yet. [#season desc]

Queen of the Con: The Rich Girl

Danielle Miller lived a privileged ‘Gossip Girl’ lifestyle growing up in Manhattan and attending a fancy private school. Her mom was a Rockette; her dad was president of the New York Bar Association. But a cruel twist of fate and vengeance drastically and irrevocably altered her childhood, leading her to a life of scamming. Starting with her “Rod Stewart” con at the age of 16… she’s now got a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt and is awaiting federal trial for trying to scam nearly a million dollars from Uncle Sam. With now hundreds of victims, will Danielle ever pay the piper?


So gooood!!!
Jonathon has great energy & shared a painful story that turns into a wonderful light! Pretty sure in the end Jonathan would experience it all again for the good that comes from turning lemons into lemonade, being persist, and seeking spiritual guidance when needed.
Mojave Magnolia
Love this guy!!!
Excellent podcast! Listened both to the Maire one and now Lizzie. Wow—such amazing storytelling and editing, with the perfect amount of narrative and interview. Also, Walton is hilarious—sardonic about these shameless psychos but also always self-ironic. He gets really good stuff from interviewees and lays everything out in such an amusing way. Also: great music. Love it!
Can’t stop listening!
I found this podcast from the pink shade postcast where Johnathin (sorry if I misspelled that) was a guest. This podcast is so good I can’t stop listening, but I won’t know what to do when it’s over! Update. Glad there’s a second season! Keep them coming
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