Lizzie Mulder appears to be a wealthy Orange County CPA, swooping in like an angel to help small business owners manage their companies. After this clever con artist’s scams push her clients to the brink, Lizzie ends up in the crosshairs of an enterprising Laguna Beach detective and the FBI. But even that heat can’t prevent Lizzie from pulling her most brazen con yet. [#podcast desc]

Casey Kasem is best known as a radio icon and legendary voice behind America’s Top 40 who left an indelible mark on pop culture. But many don’t know the saga of Kasem’s oldest children and second wife. In 2014, Casey Kasem is dying, and about to leave behind an estate worth up to 100 million dollars. His family goes to war, with both sides accusing the other of going after his money and killing the man who changed American radio. But this battle is only the climax of a tragic and dramatic family feud that began decades before. Bitter Blood: Kasem V Kasem is an exclusive look at what really happened inside this famous family and what drove them to the brink, told through exclusive interviews and archival audio materials.

If you were in the DC area in 2008, you probably heard about the murder of Robert Wone, a 32-year-old attorney killed at the million-dollar Dupont Circle home of his friends, three men in a reported polyamorous relationship. If you weren’t, though, you might have missed the lurid headlines about this once-urgent case, whose central questions remain unsolved.

In 1982, JoAnn Tate and her two young daughters, Melissa and Renee, are savagely attacked in the middle of the night. JoAnn dies; the girls barely survive. One month later, Melissa identifies Rodney Lincoln, one of JoAnn’s ex-boyfriends, as the killer. Two trials later, Rodney is found guilty and sentenced to two life terms plus 15 years. In 2015, thirty-two years after Rodney is convicted, Melissa recants and says Rodney didn’t do it. So who is the real killer? Follow true crime TV writer, producer, and director Leah Rothman as she maps the story from its gruesome beginnings to new bombshell revelations that could expose a miscarriage of justice and a killer still on the loose.


For the class of '82 in the charming town of Mt. Pine, high school wasn't just hell… it was murder. From 1979 to 1982, this tight-knit community was rocked by multiple murders involving students, graduates and other locals. Some claimed it was a streak of bad luck, others said the town was cursed. Forty years later, host Nancy Clark reinvestigates the cases, interviewing friends, police officers, neighbors and more as she tries to get to the bottom of what happened to her classmates and their sleepy little town where the murders suddenly seem to be happening all over again. Inspired by a true story, The Murder Years combines the high school vibes of Pretty in Pink and the creepy nostalgia of Stranger Things, juxtaposing a look back at Eighties teen culture with gruesome murders and an eerie mystery that’s still unfolding.

Hosted by JB Smoove, this premium documentary series explores six Black comedy icons whose names may not be as well-known, but whose careers and style blazed a trail for today’s top entertainers. Their stories—told through interviews with friends, family members, and colleagues; as well as archival clips from standup sets and media appearances—offer not only a unique view into the comedy world, but also into the tectonic shifts in Black culture and politics they witnessed and shaped across the 20th and 21st centuries.

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