Bitter Blood: Murdoch v. Murdoch

Bitter Blood: Murdoch v. Murdoch

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Release Date: 2023

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Bitter Blood: Kasem v Kasem

Casey Kasem is best known as a radio icon and legendary voice behind America’s Top 40 who left an indelible mark on pop culture. But many don’t know the saga of Kasem’s oldest children and second wife. In 2014, Casey Kasem is dying, and about to leave behind an estate worth up to 100 million dollars. His family goes to war, with both sides accusing the other of going after his money and killing the man who changed American radio. But this battle is only the climax of a tragic and dramatic family feud that began decades before. Bitter Blood: Kasem V Kasem is an exclusive look at what really happened inside this famous family and what drove them to the brink, told through exclusive interviews and archival audio materials.


A scary take on fame and misfortune.
I loved the production and the journey we are taken on. As someone who grew up listening to Kasem every weekend and having a vague idea of his last years, this was enlightening. It filled in the missing pieces and expressed the pain and trauma of those that loved him the most. A tragedy.
Clive Hazell
Once I started listening I could not stop. Amazing story! I even called Audible to see if I could purchase it, but I can’t. The tenacity of Casey’s eldest daughter is amazing. Elder abuse is real. As it said at the end, someone needs to be the voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves! Thank you Audible for such an outstanding performance.
Holy cow
I had no idea of the story behind Casey Kasem. Such a sad situation. That lady is demented and “Karen” needs to be blasted! Horrible people. His own daughter is a disgrace! Way to go Kerri for bringing all this to light! I hope you get a happy ending!
Kindle Customer
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